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The carbide is a material regulary used on a lathe to cut steel


Carbide stands out by its hardness up to 10 times greater than steel, it gets close to the hardest material in the world : diamond.


We have chosen a slim carbide so there is no need to sharpen it. Through that new technology in patent instance, you will be more than pleased !

Why Choosing Cutomax

The Cut

  • Our self-sharpening knives with carbide insertions cut easyly the hay and they are more resistant than all others knives in hardened steel covered with tungsten.

Time of Cut

  • The time of cut of a mixer can be reduced up to 50% because of Cutomax’ knives. A big deal to increase the life of your mixer.

Feeding Robot

  • Your mixt will never jam again your feeding robot as the hay is always well cut because of the carbide.